How to Turn (Almost) Every Lady’s Head

Let’s face it, you don’t want to think about fashion 24/7. You just want to know which duds drive women crazy, and then wear them. So to make your life easier/more sex-filled, we asked female stylists to share their favorite men’s outfits and pieces. Here’s what they said. Take notes, and don’t be surprised if you end up with what we call “Draper Game.”

T-shirt, jeans and blazer
“Guys love to wear jeans and a T-shirt. But women love it if you show just a little more effort and throw on a blazer. A blazer makes it an actual outfit.” —Nisonja McGary, stylist who has dressed guys like Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise

Bright chinos, white dress shirt, leather travel bag
“Colorful chinos really add some spice to your outfit. And a great leather travel bag will definitely impress a woman.” —Molly Rose Pasman, stylist at the men’s outfitter Trunk Club in Chicago

Leather jacket, T-shirt and jeans
“A great-fitting leather jacket is a must-have. Wear it with a V-neck tee and jeans or a Henley and jeans. It’ll never go out of style.” —Toni Ferrara, stylist for guys like Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Seacrest

Tailored suit
“Every man needs one tailored suit. Buy it off the rack at a department store and have it tailored there or at the dry cleaners. It will feel as comfortable as a pair of jeans.” —McGary

Seriously, tailored suit
“I always tell my girlfriends, the next best thing to seeing a naked man is seeing a man in a well-tailored suit.” —Ferrara

“A great-fitting tuxedo on a man, that’s super sexy.” —Ferrara

Eye-catching watch
“We always look at watches. That’s something that gets women’s attention. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that stands out.” —McGary

…Or some other wrist item
“If you’re not a watch guy, then wear a leather band, a cloth band, a woven rope. Something that catches our eye and shows you’re trying a little.” —McGary

Hat or scarf… or both
“Women are attracted to accessories. So even if you’re wearing something pretty simple, you can add a scarf or a hat, and a woman will appreciate it. One little accessory can make such a difference.” —McGary

“Women really like vests on guys. It’s a nice alternative to the dress shirt and blazer. Don’t be afraid of it!” —Ferrara

Something bright and playful
“When a guy thinks outside the box and wears a bright shirt or a colorful tie, we really love that. It always puts a smile on our faces.” —McGary

Great-fitting jeans
“Guys don’t want to see girls in Mom jeans. We don’t want to see you in super baggy jeans, either. They should fit you really well. We like to see your tush.” —Ferrara

Clean sneakers
“If you’re wearing sneakers around us, make sure they’re the nice ones, the ones you keep in a box. Save the dirty, everyday ones for your buddies.” —McGary

Sharp shoes or boots
“Women love to buy shoes for themselves. So it makes sense they’re going to pay close attention to a guy’s shoes as well. For a lot of women, it’s the first thing they look at.” —Pasman

A little skin
“Just like guys like to look at women’s bodies, women like to look at guys’ bodies. If you’ve worked hard on yours in the gym, show it off.” —Ferrara

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